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So glad you stopped by. Here at FGC, we are all about customizing the perfect metal piece just for you. Whether it’s your name, a monogram or initial, chandelier, crown, address sign……..I could go on and on! Together, we can help you create metal art that is as unique and one of a kind as you are!

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“You Dream It, We Create It”.

What is Metal Art?

Here at FGC, we use a plasma cutting machine to cut all of our art. The image and/or design is programmed on a computer using a CAD system. The computer then sends the information to the plasma cutter. We are able to use different thicknesses of metal, depending on the application of the piece being created. We can drill holes or make brackets if you are going to hang your creation. If you want your art to sit on a shelf or table, we can add a stand to the piece.

The last step would be painting your creation. There are a variety of colors to choose from. You may even choose to add glitter or use chalkboard paint. The possibilities are endless!

Contact us today to create a special and unique piece for your home or special event!